EnneaGuide™ to Cognitive Development
A Two-Day Workshop for Coaches
Leverage the wisdom of the Enneagram to identify key distinctions to help you and your clients re-cognize automatic patterns of response and reaction and re-interpret life

Language fuels the uniquely human capacity to both interpret our life and to make those interpretations an object of observation and reflection.

We can then synthesize these observations into a coherent understanding of our 'personality-at-work'.  This cognitive distillation catalyzes our capacity for more effective action by illuminating new possibilities
for attention, intention, choice and change.

Improve your coaching in the Cognitive Stream with this synthesis of the powerful insights into personality structure from the Enneagram with James Flaherty's Integral Coaching methodology. Explore how Howard Gardner's five minds for the future and AH Almaas' work on Brilliancy point the way to cognitive capacities we need to cultivate in our clients. Through presentation, dialogue and experiential exercises we will:
  • Explore our personal narratives regarding intellect, intelligence and cognitive development and their relationship to Enneagram Type
  • See that our essential intuitive intelligence, our brilliancy, becomes more available as we understand what prevents it from spontaneously arising, and that accessing it takes us beyond the cognitive abilities that can be taught or coached
  • Deepen our understanding of how each Enneagram Type tends to interpret the world - the mental fixation, language, beliefs, values that underlie their Type Narrative
  • Synthesize our observations about how we see and interpret our life into a coherent understanding of our 'personality-at-work'.  Use this cognitive distillation to catalyze our capacity for more effective action by illuminating new possibilities for attention, intention, choice and change.
  • Invite new narratives and metaphors specific to each Type that introduce new language targeted to a) increasing that Type's capacity to observe and loosen their personality-at-work and b) inspiring them to engage in the practices required to embody a new way of being

Workshop Details
Date:       January 2012   
Time:      9:00am - 6:00pm (Lunch provided)
Where:    San Francisco Bay Area
Cost:       $350.00  (10% off for IEA Members)        
$1400.00 for the series (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)

Workshops may be taken separately and in any order
Targeted to coaches.  Therapists, spiritual directors, lifelong learners welcome
NVW Certification Credit:  Speak with Maryellen Meyers about this opportunity
to Coaching
The EnneaGuide™ to Cognitive Development Workshop “is essential for understanding the personality beliefs, the Enneagram fixations and the ways our thoughts get and keep us ‘stuck.’  Throughout, Karen is a skilled and wise guide.”

“It is clear Karen has thought deeply about the Enneagram and made it a part of her being.  Each time I take one of her workshops I get another hit that helps me go deeper into myself.”            Brenda Goodwin Integral Coach,PCC Pod Mentor

“Having done the New Ventures West Professional Coaching Course and Riso-Hudson Enneagram training, this was an invaluable experience in learning how to integrate and blend the two.”     Integral Coach
Wendy Atkins-Pattenson