EnneaGuide™ to Emotional Development
A Two-Day Workshop for Coaches
Leverage the wisdom of the Enneagram to
more rapidly and accurately assess
underlying emotional issues and
coach for deep level change

Emotions knock many clients off balance, be they executives
or busy parents.

Emotional intelligence accounts for more than 85% of star
performance in top leaders.

Improve your coaching in the Emotional Stream with this synthesis of the powerful insights of the Enneagram with James Flaherty's Integral Coaching methodology and Karen Jacke's Map of Emotional Healing. The presentation, dialogue and experiential exercises will enable you to:

  • Make powerful distinctions about the nature of emotions that 'land' with clients
  • Utilize emotional profiles and coaching approaches tailored to Enneagram Type
  • Design observations and practices appropriate to each phase of Emotional Healing and developmental level
  • Build your emotional awareness and presence through practice coaching

Workshop Details
Date:       March 2012
Time:      9:00am - 6:00pm (Lunch provided)
Where:    San Francisco Bay Area
Cost:       $350.00  (10% off for IEA Members)        
$1400.00 for the series (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)

Workshops may be taken separately and in any order
Targeted to coaches.  Therapists, spiritual directors, lifelong learners welcome
NVW Certification Credit:  Speak with Maryellen Meyers about this opportunity
to Coaching
This workshop will give you “content as well as experience in coaching clients around emotional issues.  It is very practical and easy-to-anchor learning because of the accessible models and exercises."           Integral Coach

“I have been hesitant to wade into the arena of emotions with clients in real time.  Seeing how I can use the Map of Emotional Healing and do exercises with clients is such an Ah hah.  I have a deeper  understanding of how to work in the emotional stream with each of the nine Types.”      Integral Coach
Wendy Atkins-Pattenson

This workshop was “outstand-
ing…a place of learning and growing on all levels...the safest place I have been to expand my heart and my understanding of myself and others."           Type 8
Integral Coach