EnneaGuide™ to Somatic Development
A Two-Day Workshop for Coaches
Tap the wisdom of the Enneagram to more rapidly
assess development and powerfully leverage
somatic practices in your coaching

Our actions affect our thoughts and our feelings, which        
reinforce our actions and thus we develop patterns of response
that are grooved into our bodies.

Even when we want to change, the momentum of these patterns
can lock us in place

Improve your ability to unlock these patterns and access the body's wisdom as you coach in the Somatic Stream.  Benefit from a powerful synthesis of the insights of the Enneagram with James Flaherty's Integral Coaching methodology and knowledge from many somatic disciplines. The presentation, dialogue and experiential exercises will enable you to:

  • Get a felt sense of the Nine Types through movement and body postures
  • Better identify somatic defenses and body armoring typical to each Type
  • Expand your repertoire of simple somatic and breathing practices to increase body awareness and cultivate presence
  • Understand and design somatic practices to help unwind (versus reinforce) each Type's Enneagram fixations
  • Experience Andrea Isaac's Somatic Focusing method for developing 'physical antidotes' to break free of ingrained habits and disturbing emotions

Workshop Details
Date:       May 2012  
Time:      9:00am - 6:00pm (Lunch provided)
Where:    San Francisco Bay Area
Cost:       $350.00  (10% off for IEA Members)        
$1400.00 for the series (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)

Workshops may be taken separately and in any order
Targeted to coaches.  Therapists, spiritual directors, lifelong learners welcome
NVW Certification Credit:  Speak with Maryellen Meyers about this opportunity
to Coaching
This workshop "helped me have a felt sense of each of the EnneaTypes which I can draw on to be in the experience of what it's like to be each Type.  This will be a great base for me to work from when preparing for client sessions."  
Melinda Ohmer, Integral Coach

"I really learned the power of somatic work to speed up the transformative process and Karen gave great examples of practices that are transformative for each EnneaType.  I am much more encouraged to just do somatic practices my self and will begin working with them tomorrow with my clients."

"Thank you for the amazing work you did with me individually.  You held a space.  I felt safe.  You went with my energy and pushed just enough to help me go into the painful emotions and embody a new way.  Thank you.  Thank you!"