EnneaGuide™ to Spiritual Development
A Two-Day Workshop for Coaches
Leverage the wisdom of the Enneagram
to help clients loosen the grip of 'ego-striving', access their human gifts, and relax into a greater connection to
meaning, purpose and all of life.

The nature of personality is to separate from Essence and the
interconnectedness of all life.

We cope with this loss by adopting particular defense mechanisms and compulsions to strive and grasp for what we think we need in life to survive and feel loved.

As adults we have the opportunity to increase our presence, unwind our defenses and allow our more essential self to shine through.

Improve your coaching in the Spiritual Stream with this synthesis of the powerful insights into personality structure from the Enneagram with James Flaherty's Integral Coaching methodology and an understanding of core spiritual practices drawn from the traditions of the world. The presentation, dialogue and experiential exercises will enable you to:
  • Understand the nine Enneagram specific defense mechanisms  that lock the personality in place
  • Understand the emotional Passions that grip each Type and how the Virtues can show each Type the path toward greater presence and connectedness
  • Have a greater array of language and distinctions that increase your capacity to enroll any client in working in this important development stream
  • Choose spiritual language, reflective exercises, practices and coaching approaches tailored to Enneagram Type
  • Begin to open to your Essential Qualities and release your Defense Mechanism through experiential exercises

Workshop Details
Date:       November 2012   
Time:      9:00am - 6:00pm (Lunch provided)
Where:    San Francisco Bay Area
Cost:       $350.00 / workshop         
$1400.00 for the series (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)

Workshops may be taken separately and in any order
Targeted to coaches.  Therapists, spiritual directors, lifelong learners welcome
NVW Certification Credit:  Speak with Ellen King about this opportunity
to Coaching
“Karen’s teaching in this workshop has allowed me to open higher paths in my journey to wholeness.  The compassion I hold for each of the Ennea-
gram points and their vulnerabilities better enables me to coach my clients into their full potential.”        Linda Mercier
Integral Coach

“This workshop demystified the domain of spiritual development for me.  Karen is the perfect spiritual guide to help us drop further into this part of ourselves. She has a wisdom and nurturing way that allows for exploration, expression and possibility to arise”                      Kerry Radcliff
Integral Coach

"Spirituality doesn’t have to be a bad or ‘new-agey’ word even in corporate America.  Karen brings it to a level that will enhance anyone’s life!"                                              Shannon Small                                Integral Coach