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EnneaGuide™ to Building Leadership Competency
Short Modules that Focus Development by EnneaType
Make your learning about fundamental Leadership Models and Competencies more individually relevant by better understanding the strengths and stretches of your specific EnneaType.  Learn to better collaborate with your colleagues and coach your subordinates by leveraging insights into their EnneaTypes' strengths and blindspots. 

Length: 2-3 hours

Each module gives the intact team or learning community a chance to focus on a single leadership competency 
  • Review a model that details the components and functioning of a specific Leadership Competency
  • Dive into 1-2 exercises to deepen insights as to which components of the chosen Competency are strengths and stretches for each EnneaType
  • Discus implications of these Enneagram insights for individuals and teams
  • Identify development opportunity for each individual
  • Refine agreements about how to work together more effectively

Target Audience:   Leaders who already know their Enneagram Type
       Intact teams or a learning community of 5 to 35 people
       Large groups of 40-100+

Competency Modules available: 
  • Advocacy & Inquiry
  • Leading Change
  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Decision Making
  • Facilitation
  • Feedback
  • Interviewing

Karen’s Enneagram learning community is a compelling way into developing the Emotional Intelligence we hear so much about.  The Enneagram offered a framework for seeing ourselves and others that allowed us to get clear on the strengths we have as leaders, our areas for development and that of our colleagues.  The leadership competencies we discussed helped us understand why we all operate the way we do instead of feeling frustrated by what wasn’t happening and our differences.  The dialogue was thought provoking, engaging and served as a catalyst for commitments and agreements in how we will work together going forward. Thank you Karen for making the introduction to this so useful.                                         Heather Corcoran - NextStep Partners
to Empowering Leaders and Teams
  • Leadership Style
  • Networking
  • Results Orientation
  • Self-Mastery
  • Strategy
  • Teams
  • Managing Transitions