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EnneaGuide™ to Nine Lenses of Leadership
Introductory Workshop 
There are fundamental differences in the way we approach problems and strive to get what we want in the world.  Despite our best intentions for good teamwork and synergy, we too often get derailed by these differences lapsing into reactive, ‘below the line’ behavior and spinning our wheels versus moving our projects and teams forward.  Self-insight, self management, and the capacity to recognize and facilitate differences is foundational to increasing the teamwork and mutual respect that leads to success.

Nine Lenses of Leadership leverages deep insights of the Enneagram Types to: 
  • Become conscious and thoughtful about the internal motivation and perspective that shape leadership beliefs, attitudes and behaviors
  • Improve relationships by better appreciating different approaches and better managing/mitigating what triggers and derails us
  • Build the capability to inspire, encourage and achieve results through others by better understanding different leadership lenses 

Workshop Topics:
  • Emotional Intelligence as a driver of leadership and business success
  • Enneagram differences that impact teamwork and collaboration:
            Social Styles (Assertive, Withdrawn, Earn Your Way)
            Problem Solving Approach (Competency, Positive Outlook and 
                Emotionally Real)
  • Leveraging Enneagram insights to assess team dynamics
  • Identifying a focus for team and personal development 

Target Audience:  
  • Intact teams or Cross-functional workgroups of 5 to 35 people
  • Leadership or Affinity groups of 15-35 people
  • All employees interested in…
            better leveraging their inherent leadership qualities
             changing destructive/negative attitudes & reactivity 
             improving their working (and personal) relationships
            maximizing their team’s performance
            creating a culture for authentic, honest conversation
  • Recommend Full Day Workshop followed by one-hour Individual Coaching sessions to confirm Type, deepen self-insight re: leadership style and its impact, and solidify focus for development 
  • Half day Workshops and Introductory Teasers can be derived from the full day agenda
  • Follow-up workshops can be designed to leverage Enneagram insights to address organization or business issues, implement team agreements or build a specific leadership competency
to Empowering Leaders and Teams

"To see ourselves as others see us is a most salutary gift. Hardly less important is the capacity to see others as they see themselves."
Aldous Huxley