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EnneaGuide™ to Integral Development
A Series of Two-Day Workshops for Coaches
The ongoing EnneaGuide™ to Integral Development series provides in depth study and practical application integrating the deep insights of the Enneagram with Integral Coaching™ methodology in order to generate profound, embodied change. 

Each workshop is offered once a year and focuses on one of the five Streams of Development that are central to client's effectiveness and fulfillment - Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Relational and Spiritual. This single Stream focus across the Types allows participants to a) delve into the energy and expertise of each Stream and b) more easily contrast the nine Types and remember their differences and similarities.  

EnneaGuide™ to Integral Development “reacquainted me with the Enneagram and how it can be used to better understand my clients. I have new insight into strategic ways to approach and design coaching programs and new ‘eyes and ears’ to recognize opportunities to facilitate deeper, more profound shifts in a client’s way of being. I came away with specific elements I can integrate into programs immediately as well as a plethora of resources for continued learning.” 
~ Heather Andersen, Integral Coach, Brilliance Inc.

After each workshop you will walk away with: 
  • renewed enthusiasm and confidence for including the studied Stream in the coaching programs for your clients
  • a deeper understanding of the Nine Enneagram Types and greater comfort leveraging the wisdom of the Enneagram in your coaching
  • many practical applications including key distinctions, self-observations, exercises and practices appropriate to each Type for the Stream studied
  • increased capacity to "see" the underlying patterns that lock your clients in less than effective responses to life
  • increased capacity to recognize and address your personal barriers to growth and development through individual reflection and practice coaching 

Workshop Details
When:    9:00am - 6:00pm (Lunch provided)
Where:    San Francisco Bay Area
Cost:        $350.00          
$1400.00 for the series (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)

Workshops may be taken separately and in any order
Targeted to coaches.  Therapists, spiritual directors, lifelong learners welcome
NVW Certification Credit:  Speak with Maryellen Meyers about this opportunity

to Coaching
"Karen has a tremendous depth of knowledge that is reflected throughout her workshop and materials.  What is remarkable is her capability to capture the essence of a complex concept and explain its practical application so I understand it and can immediately use it myself and with my clients
Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons  Managing Partner ESODL

"You have so much great material, but from my perspective, the embodiment you offer of yourself for us to experience is more valuable than anything else!"       
Katherine Hatcher
Integral Coach

"Any coach who wants to  deeply understand the human condition will gain a great deal from Karen's wisdom.  I will consistently tell colleagues that the EnneaGuide™ to Integral Development workshop series is a very valuable investment of time and money."